Florida Man Dives Into The Shallow Water To Wrangle A Massive Python

Florida Man wrestles python

Well, this video right here has pretty much everything you could ever really ask for in a “Florida Man” adventure.

You’ve got action, you’ve got country music overlayed onto the clip, you’ve got a rocking mullet, and attached to that mullet is the most crucial piece to the puzzle: the Florida man himself.

That Florida man actually goes by the name of Alex Robertson, and is apparently a firefighter, a former biologist, and at least a part-time python wrangler. Judging by what I’ve seen from him, I’d say he could go full-time with the snake capturing part, if the opportunity ever arose.

I also have to say that I’ve never seen someone belly flop into such shallow water. It’s probably knee-deep at most, and I know he didn’t set out to belly flop, but speaking in technical, aquatic terms, that’s effectively what he did.

In the video, a python being spotlighted can be seen resting in the water, and then like the Florida man superhero that he is, Robertson comes flying in from out of frame to wrangle it.

The mullet gracefully flies through the night sky and lands right on the massive snake, and Alex is then able to easily grapple with it and pull it up out of the water.

And all of this is happening with Alan Jackson’s “Good Time” overlayed softly onto the video. I’ve listened to that song plenty of times and I don’t remember Jackson mentioning anything about wrestling pythons in the Florida Everglades…

However, Alan Jackson didn’t specify on how to have a good time, he was just imploring and encouraging others to have a “A G with an O, an O with a D, T with an I, an M with an E.”

So I guess to each their own, and Alex Robertson’s “own” is wrangling creatures that could kill him.

After the Florida man comes out of the water with the python firmly in his grasp, he says to the camera:

“First python of the night. Hopefully we’ll find some more.”

The comments below Alex Robertson’s post were basically saying what all of us (or at least I hope most of us) were thinking:

“I think this is how Europeans see Americans.”

“Pythons are an invasive species in Florida and they’re killing off many of the natural species so yes, kill all the pythons you can.”

“The every day Florida man.”

“This guy is gonna stop posting videos one day and we will all know why.”


I’m paying very close attention to that last comment.

I don’t know the validity of it, but imagine your own 9th grade teacher quitting their job and going into the wilderness to capture massive pythons.

You’d probably be just as shocked…

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