Zach Bryan Honors Fan Re-Enlisting Into The United States Navy

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Live music can be powerful, and some artists know exactly how to harness it, and how to capitalize on the moment.

Country star Zach Bryan certainly knows how to put on a show, and also never shies away from honoring his military past. Most people know that before Bryan was selling out venues, he served the country as a member of the United States Navy for eight years.

He was actually enlisted when he signed onto his first record contract in 2021 with Warner Records, and was honorably discharged shortly after.

Even though he’s now moved into country music stardom, he’ll never forget his Navy background, and the people that still serve (and have served) to protect this country.

That’s why he brought out one of his good friends at his concert at the Auburn Rodeo in Opelika, Alabama this past weekend. Cameron Tyssen, a former Navy member, decided to re-enlist into the military, and Zach Bryan was there to lift up his decision.

Tyssen posted about the moment on his Instagram account, saying:

“Dreams come true.”

But that wasn’t all…

Bryan actually brought up the newly re-enlisted Navy member on stage with him as he close out his stage to make sure that Tyssen got his rightfully deserved time in the spotlight.

As fans in the raucous crowd chanted “USA, USA, USA” as Tyssen walked on stage in full uniform, Bryan introduced him by saying:

“Hey, this is my good friend Cameron Tyssen. He’s an ET-2 (Electronics Technician) in the United States Navy and he re-enlisted today.”

The crowd went wild as Cameron stepped up to the microphone, and knowing his audience, he opened up with a standard country greeting:

“Howdy. Thank you all for coming. Zach, you did such an amazing job. Honestly, I can’t express how grateful and thankful I am to the whole crew and everyone here being such a good crowd to him.

If I can say anything, it’s mama, I love you, God bless the country, God bless America, and God bless the United States Navy baby!”

It seems like it was truly a special moment, and one that was very easy for Bryan to incorporate into his show. Zach will always be a man of the people, and will never miss an opportunity to shine a light on former and active military members.

Take a look:

@zachbryanarchive Zach Bryan re-enlisted a fan last night. ❤️ (@KurtsCountryMusic ♬ original sound – Zach Bryan Archive

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