49ers TE George Kittle Takes It Back To 1994 With “F*ck Dallas” Shirt Underneath His Jersey

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To say last night was a disappointing one for the Dallas Cowboys is an understatement.

The ‘Boys went into the game against the San Francisco 49ers with a 3-1 record, and besides a fluky loss to the Arizona Cardinals, they’ve been absolutely dominating teams, only giving up 42 points total in four games this season.

However, that all changed last night, as the 49ers forced four Dallas turnovers on the way to a 42-10 thrashing, the largest deficit in the history of the Cowboys vs. 49ers rivalry. As a Cowboys fan myself, it was a harsh reality to face, knowing that we aren’t good enough to be a Super Bowl contender yet. Luckily, I’ve learned not to get my hopes up, because you get numb to the disappointment after awhile.

Perhaps the most impressive offensive weapon for the 9ers last night was tight end George Kittle, who scored a touchdown on all three of his catches for a total of 67 yards.

And to add insult to injury to Dallas? Kittle was wearing a shirt that read “F*ck Dallas” underneath his jersey.

After scoring his first touchdown, a fan in the stands caught a video of him pulling up his jersey, and showing off the shirt for the crowd to see. I mean c’mon, talk about kicking a team when they’re down. And on top of that, the guy just had to score two more times, didn’t he.

Check it out:

And while most people saw Kittle’s move was just a simple “F you” to the Dallas Cowboys, it was actually a nod to the Super Bowl winning Niners team of 1994 and middle linebacker Gary Plummer, who wore the same shirt under his jersey:

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