Man Driving Down Road Stumbles Upon A Deer Gnawing On A Snake

Deer eating snake
Nature Is Metal

Not something you see every day, nor something that happens in nature every day.

As deers are primarily herbivores, nature defies the laws set in place with this video.

A man driving down the street saw a doe, who looked young, chewing on something hanging out of its mouth. While from far away, it seems like it could be a stick or branch as the person behind the camera drives close, it is far from that.

The deer is gnawing on a snake…

Yep, nature’s fruit roll-up, as one might call it.

“Are you eating a snake?” 

The man behind the camera says, perplexed as he wonders if his eyes are deceiving him.

Deer are typically known to be highly selective herbivores. Encyclopedia Britannica describes their eating habits as the following:

“They (deer) are highly selective feeders on plant food characterized by low fiber but high protein content, toxicity, and digestibility.

The bias of deer toward high-quality food has its origin in the very high demands of antler growth for minerals, protein, and energy.”

Despite this, the scientific evidence that this should have felt like a mirage to watch… sure enough, that deer was munching on a snake.

I guess this video proves to never say never with Mother Nature.

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