Crocs Debuts Croc Cowboy Boots For “Croctober” & They Look STUNNING


Just in time for Croctober…

If you love cowboy boots, and you also happen to love the always fashionable Crocs footwear, then you have an absolutely HUGE day coming up.

Crocs, which at first we’re kind of laughed at, and then for some reason came roaring back in popularity, are excited to announce that they are expanding their product line into the “cowboy” realm.

Have you ever wanted to really feel like a cowboy but be able to experience the comfort of a Croc shoe? I’ll try my best not to judge if you answered “yes” to that question…

The divisive shoes, which are made out of something called Croslite (a proprietary resin material known and used only by the Crocs shoe brand), have decided to make an unprecedented fashion statement.

May I present to you Croc Cowboy Boots, which includes a star-shaped Croc insert of a badge that says “Croc Star” and spurs (yes, spurs):

This feels like the part in the Sci-Fi movie where the mad scientist brings something to life, or accidentally creates something, and then asks out loud “what have we done?”

I’ve got to say though, these Crocs look FLY and I could totally see them being useful. Considering that Crocs are waterproof, these would be perfect to wear to a beachside country concert/festival. Or you could even wash your dog real quick, hose these bad boys off, and then head out on the town in Nashville.

As the above post states, the Croc-Cowboy Boot crossover hit stores on October 23rd on Croc Day (which happens to be my birthday, so I know what I’m asking for now) in select regions.

You’ll have to visit the official Crocs website to order them, or you can also check out their Amazon Store.

If you are interested, you better jump on them fast, because based on the social media response, these Cowboy Crocs will be flying off the shelves:

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