Freaky Fast Bobcat Snags A Rabbit Right In Front Of Golfer: “Oh, My God”

Bobcat attacks rabbit

Man, I’ll never get tired of watching bobcats hunt.

These sneaky little cats punch way above their weight when it comes to being a predator.

Despite weighing only 13 to 30 pounds, according to Big Cat Rescue (shoutout Carole Baskin) they’ve been known to fight off coyotes or take out rattlesnakes, showing an impressive ability to switch from calm to chaos in just a second. They use a combination of lightning fast reflexes, sharp claws, and teeth to tear into whatever they’ve decided to eat that day.

This latest video comes to us from a beautiful golf course, where an experienced bobcat takes out a rabbit right in front of a golfer filming from his cart.

The video’s description does a great job summarizing the encounter, so let’s just read from there.

“You can tell this cat is an experienced hunter by the way he jab-stepped left to panic the bunny into going right. If he opted to go straight at it instead, the bun could have gone anywhere – those bushes to the right of our screen being a less than ideal spot for a chase.

Feigning left to close that off as an escape route, then doubling back to confuse the rabbit into going where he wanted was a thing of beauty.”

The poor rabbit never stood a chance.

I’ve seen a few foxes out on golf courses but never a bobcat… maybe this is the weekend it’ll happen.

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