Coyote Moves In On Family Of 5 Bobcats, Promptly Gets Chased Off

Coyote vs bobcat

The thing you see.

Nature is crazy, these animals are always out here surprising us. It takes bold moves to survive out there sometimes though.

Coyotes are certainly good at surviving. They can nearly live anywhere, from the deep woods to the middle of a city, they figure it out and find food. They are one of the most adaptable creatures out there.

They prefer to hunt, often eating smaller mammals and birds and they will eat anything from berries and fruit to deer if they can take it down.

But hunting another predator is usually a little bit off. Especially something like a bobcat.

There is not a crazy difference in size with coyotes at a max of 45 pounds and bobcats growing up to 25 pounds.

Bobcats are wild cats that have a lot of fight. Despite being so small, they have been known to take out animals as large as deer with relative ease. They attack with precision and power.

This doesn’t seem like the type of animal a coyote would usually want to try, especially with a whole bunch of them around.

But given that 5 bobcats were in this backyard, maybe the coyote thought they were house cats at first. Which would have been a much easier target.

A family watches over 5 bobcats playing around their back yard.

As if the 5 bobcats isn’t crazy enough, a coyote comes in to size them up.

As soon as the coyote realizes what’s going on, he becomes a little hesitant. One of the bobcats gets on him quick and starts to keep him in check.

But the coyote continues to look about. Finally, the bobcat has enough and goes straight at the dog, sending the coyote running back to safety.

He then just straight up leaves.

Not worth the fight.

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