Bobcat & Rattlesnake Face Off In Epic Trail Cam Footage

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Facebook/Robert Martinez

I would have liked to see the “Vegas odds” on this fight before it started.

But luckily for us, a trail cam that was set up in Angeles National Forest in Kagel Canyon, California just happened to be in the perfect location to catch this menacing rattlesnake and quick-pawed bobcat face off.

As you’ll see in the video, though the snake goes on the “offensive” more often than the bobcat does, the cat stays grounded and matches every move, eventually coming out on top because of it.

The time stamp on the video shows that the bobcat was taking a late morning stroll around the woods when it came across a rattlesnake. I’m assuming that the animal was intrigued by the reptile’s rattle (in classic cat fashion), and it evidently got too close to it because the snake started backing up the bobcat.

Instead of retreating into the wilderness, the bobcat apparently liked its odds in the fight, despite the fact that the venom that a rattlesnake possesses could easily kill an animal its size.

The bobcat puts on an absolute masterclass in instincts, countering each of the rattlesnake’s sudden jabs with perfect and precise timing. Eventually, it appears that the bobcat gets enough hits on the snake’s head with its claws that the snake becomes disoriented.

Once the snake’s defenses weaken, the bobcat swings big one more time, then steps on the snake’s head to hold it down. Once the rattlesnake is demobilized, the bobcat bites down on its head, and that’s all she wrote.

As the snake lays motionless on the ground where the cat took it out, the bobcat seemingly does a celebratory roll in the dirt, which helps to bolster the theory that “all cats have a little house cat in them.” After it gets done, the bobcat picks up the corpse of the rattlesnake and walks off to another location to eat its fresh meal in peace.

The video is linked below, with the caption stating:

“A very climactic showdown between a bobcat and a rattlesnake. The epic battle, filmed in the Angeles National Forest, shows once again how felines’ reflexes can overwhelm snakes’ ones.”

Pretty impressive showing right there…

Twitter users (or “X users,” I’m not really sure what it is supposed to be called now) were surprised by the bobcat’s natural instincts and making the fight with the rattlesnake look easy, saying:

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