Elk Lets Out High Pitched Bugle Right Into Someone’s Ring Camera In Colorado

Elk bugle
Denver 7 News

Folks, we’re right in the middle of elk rutting season, which runs from the middle of September to the middle/end of October.

That means that elk out in the wild are going to naturally be more aggressive, whether that means the antlered animals are going after tourist grandpas, or even screaming into security cameras like this one does in the video below.

If you didn’t know, when an elk wants to show off its potential to partners (especially during rutting season), bull elks utilize a sound called a bugle.

The noise is kind of annoying to us humans, but it apparently does a number with the cows (female elk, which I’m assuming would be offended to know they are called cows).

An elk’s bugle is really disturbing when they decide to fire it up right into the a Ring camera. I’d imagine that the owner of this security camera was probably pounding on the volume down button when they went to check their security footage and saw this.

In the clip, the bull elk slowly walks right up to the house in Estes Park, Colorado, and looks around. And if you know anything about Estes Park, you know it’s an absolute haven for elk. Seriously, they’re just walking around everywhere.

For some reason, the elk feels as though this is as good of a spot as any to “sound the alarm” and decides to get right into it.The noise starts at a little bit of a lower pitch, and then about halfway through, the elk tries to hit a high note like it’s a part of a boy band that just got back together (shoutout NSYNC).

Once it wraps up the bugle, it looks around to see if there are any takers, and then turns back the way it came and strolls off to try out its high-pitched yell somewhere else. I don’t know if it expected to find someone or something at the house it stopped and bugled in front of, but it at least gave it the ole college try.

He might have to work on hitting his low and high notes if he really wants to land a cow (still can’t get over how bad that sounds).

Take a look:

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