Bull Elk Nearly Gores Clueless Grandpa In The Back In Estes Park, Colorado

Bull elk Estes Park
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That could’ve been bad…

This time of the year, bull elk are in the rut and on the lookout for their perfect mate to conceive a calf. Which means they’re horned up and willing to fight with anyone and anything to show off their dominance.

Here is the perfect example of how a bull elk can act around humans during the rut.

This one went down in Estes Park, Colorado.

In the video, you can see a group of people, including an elderly man observing a bull elk with a MASSIVE rack of antlers. Obviously, the bull isn’t too thrilled with these people’s presence, and proceeds to move towards the group.

At first, they just start to slowly walk away. However, the bull quickens the pace, charges forward and lower its antlers right towards grandpa’s back. It almost looks like he tapped him with the antlers but it’s hard to tell.

Either way, the man is lucky he was able to avoid the bull with no injury.

A separate part of the video shows the same bull elk charging a man who is walking his dog. The man proceeds to run away with the bull following closely behind.

This is just further proof to stay away from bull elk at all costs this time of year.

Check it out:

Two Bull Elk Fighting In Colorado Neighborhood Smash Car Mirror Off

Well, this is the worst timing imaginable.

I understand how incredibly rare it is for the average person to see an elk roaming the streets of a residential area, and people are gonna be curious, considering it may be the first time they’ll ever encounter something like this.

Even though this may be a wildly rare moment, you have to be sure to either stay indoors and away from the massive creatures, and if you’re in a car, do NOT stop in the middle of the road to take a video or picture…

This is a prime example.

In this video, you can see two bull elk going at it in a neighborhood in Estes Park, Colorado, which is known for having TONS of elk roaming around.

Nevertheless, when the guy driving stops in his car to take a video… he learns the hard way that it was a mistake.

As the two elk brutally fight each other, they quickly make their way towards the man’s vehicle, and before the guy even really has time to react, one of the elk is pushed straight into his car side mirror and damaging it, and you can hear glass and car parts shatter as the man yells out:


This video was more than likely taken during the elk rut, as the two bulls were probably fighting over their future mate, which makes them way more ornery than usual.

“Driving through the town of Estes park and these two male elk were fighting off to the side.

One elk dominates the other and forces him into the street, taking out our side mirror on our car.

I had to duck away because an antler swung into my open window and almost caught my face! Everyone including the elk are fine.”

The video is a great reminder that no matter how cool an encounter like this may be, it’s best to just keep your distance and keep the traffic moving.

@andrewleemendez Two elk fighting and one careens into our car! 😱 no one was hurt and elks were alright. @skye.q15 #estespark #colorado #elk #elkfight ♬ original sound – Andrew 🤠

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