Florida Alligator Makes Climbing Chain Link Fence Look Way Too Easy

Alligator climbs fence

What can’t these dinosaurs do?

Alligators have to be the wildest creature still roaming the United States.

While they can be found in many states throughout the Southeastern part of the country, no state has more than Florida.

The Sunshine state is home to over a million of these monsters, which pretty much means every body of water has got at least one lurking under the surface.

Well, in this video out of Miami, we can see a gator that got a bit lost and ended up in the parking lot of the Everglades Tour Company. You can’t have one of these guys walking around while people are getting out of their car, so one of the workers went out to see what he could do and also grabbed a video of the process.

Right off the bat you can see examples of the crazy wildlife down south, as two peacocks are going for a stroll right next to the gator, who found himself up against a fence with seemingly no way to get to the pond just on the other side.

Just when you start wondering how exactly this guy is going to get this gator away from visitors, he goes full on Spider-Man and starts climbing the fence and jumps over to the other side.

“Gators are truly amazing creatures and you’ll never know all their secrets unless you actually spend time in the everglades (and observe them up close like I did.) It’s amazing to think that some scientists don’t even know that alligators can do this. 

The gator in this video was in a public parking lot, so (part) of my job was to herd them away so they don’t get hurt by the lot traffic. Or so they don’t accidentally bite anyone… trust me, the tourists that went here are pretty stupid, and are usually the instigators of alligator bites themselves.

I love Alligators, and would do anything to help any of these magnificent creatures (if in peril). With YouTube videos it’s easy to get the wrong idea. I was not harassing this gator, I was helping.”

What a scene.

Gotta love Florida.

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