Ward Davis Announces New Single “Ain’t Quite Mary Jane”

Ward Davis country music
Ward Davis

Ward Davis is about as real as it gets when it comes to good, old fashioned country music, and we’ll all luckily be able to tune in next Friday to hear new music from the singer songwriter.

Davis’ songwriting ability has continued to propel him further and further into the country music industry. He first got started writing for the likes of Merle Haggard, Trace Adkins, Willie Nelson, and most recently (and arguably most importantly) Cody Jinks, and now he’s writing lyrics for himself as a solo artist.

That connection with Jinks helped for Davis to come into his own as a performer, and now country music fans are happily hearing the songs “straight from the horse’s mouth,” so to speak (Davis probably wouldn’t be offended by being compared to a horse).

The Arkansas native took to his social media accounts (which he is almost always active on and never refrains from letting his followers know what he’s thinking) to announce a new song that he’ll be releasing on October 6th.

Davis shared the cover art for the single, which features a cartoon tattooed woman posing as she holds a bindle. Who knows if the animated figure is based upon someone in Ward’s actual life, but he at least let us know that a song called “Ain’t Quite Mary Jane” isn’t about marijuana in the caption for the post:

“I have a new single coming out October 6th called ‘Ain’t Quite Mary Jane.’ It’s not about weed.

It’s about a girl, because until the stoners took the name ‘Mary Jane,’ away from us, it was a very respectable name for a lady to have. Damn dopers. Spider-Man didn’t help things.”

You can’t really mention Mary Jane without also calling attention to 1) the devil’s lettuce and 2) Spider Man. Nicely done Mr. Davis…

If the new single is just as good as his latest project, Sunday Morning, then we should all be treated to another great addition to the solo Ward Davis collection.

Check out one his latest songs called “Into the River” below:

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