Flatland Cavalry Tease “Mornings With You” Featuring Kaitlin Butts

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Flatland Cavalry

I am not going to lie; off the first line of this teaser clip, I thought Cleto and Kaitlin might have partnered with Folgers Coffee for a brand deal.

Thankfully, that is not the case because it means new music from Flatland Cavalry and Kaitlin Butts.

On Friday, we will have a hot new single from Flatland Cavalry featuring Kaitlin Butts titled “Mornings With You.”

The other day, the band teased a clip of the song’s intro with some intimate clips of Cleto and Kaitlin snuggling over a cup of coffee but with no details of the clip’s deeper meaning. Yesterday afternoon, another clip was shared confirming the single and its release date, along with a track teaser.

“‘Mornings With You’ Feat. Kaitlin Butts – Available 9/29.”

The TikTok caption said. The clips again shared intimate moments of the couple cozied up in the morning, sharing soft smiles and sweet touches, highlighting the lovey-dovey lyrics.

“Fresh pot of Folgers, 
the smell of the rain blowing through the window
the sound of a train.
I can see a new day from the
promise in your eyes
Wish I could cling to this moment
for the rest of my life.”

The song seems to be heavily acoustic, highlighting the angelic-like harmonies of Kaitlin and Cleto.

While we love this country music couple as is, there are days you can’t convince me these two didn’t find each other just so we could enjoy their harmonies. It’s like their voices were made to go together.

From the short clip of the song, I am also going to go out on a limp and say that Kaitlin Butts really is a feature on this track. If you haven’t heard about how she was mistagged as a feature on “How Long,” it might ruin your day… but it is a great story.

From this teaser, I think this is going to be a killer song.

Right off the heels of their last single, “Oughta See You (The Way I Do),” it appears we might be on the cusp of an album announcement.

With “Morning With You” as the third single we have gotten from the group in the last three months, it appears a more extensive project might be under wraps.

If you haven’t given their last two singles a listen, do so while you’re here:

“Last American Summer”

“Oughta See You (The Way I Do)”

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