Lynx Impressively Leaps Up And Snags Hanging Bait

Lynx jumps high in the air
BBC Wild

Lynx are so of the coolest creatures in all of the wild.

All wild cats are interesting animals, trained killers right from birth, but they also all seem to have personalities similar to house cats.

Lynx are medium sized cats that can reach 50 pounds in weight.

They are dangerous little cats, able to take out things much larger than themselves such as deer. They use the element of surprise and pounce on their prey shooting straight for the kill zone.

Their back legs are their best weapons. They look so muscular compared to the front, making it look like the back legs are always loaded and ready. These legs help them reach speeds of 50 miles per hour in burst.

They also use them for big jumps to get across things and on top of prey, with 25 foot leaps horizontally and over 6.5 feet into the air.

This lynx put on a display of their impressive jumps.

A bait station was set up with a piece of meat hanging up over 6 feet in the air.

2 lynx come along and check out the scene, and without much hesitation the lynx winds up and takes a leap right at the bait and snags it.

He takes off with his new meal just like that… easy peasy.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock