The Oregon Duck Lost His Head While Trolling Colorado Coach Deion Sanders By Smashing A Prime Time Clock

Oregon college football

Everybody wants a piece of Coach Prime – including the Oregon Duck.

Deion Sanders and his #19 ranked Colorado Buffaloes are at #13 Oregon today for a huge matchup, with all of the buzz being around Colorado’s incredible turnaround during Sanders’ first season as head coach.

“Coach Prime” talks a big game, but so far he’s been able to back it up – though the Colorado faces its toughest test today, and it does so without its star wide receiver/cornerback Travis Hunter, who was injured last week.

Of course all that hype around Colorado hasn’t gone unnoticed by their opponents, and the atmosphere in Oregon has been through the roof as both teams seek to remain undefeated and Oregon tries to quiet the hype around Colorado.

Even the Oregon mascot got in on the trash talking, and took the field at the beginning of the game to troll Coach Prime a little bit.

The duck walked out of the tunnel wearing a pair of Prime’s signature sunglasses and a cowboy hat, and began to take a swing at a “Prime Time” clock.

But it may have been Coach Prime that got the last laugh on this one: While the duck was destroying the clock, he went a little too hard – and his head fell off.

The duck – well, the guy inside the duck costume, since we now know it’s NOT a real duck – quickly ran back into the tunnel with his head down as one of his handlers scooped up the mascot head and followed him inside to help get his head back on.

Now, I have a confession: I was the mascot back when I was in college too. And let me tell you, this was my worst fear when I was inside the suit. (Well, maybe second worst fear, after kids pulling my tail. Always wanted to kick them when they did that).

But I just know that guy inside the duck costume had to be embarrassed. When you’re a mascot, pretty much your only goal is to keep your head on. Anything else that happens, nobody ever has to know it’s you. But when your head comes off, you’re exposed for the world to laugh at.

Of course Oregon seems to be getting the last laugh after all, with the Ducks currently up 21-0 on Colorado midway through the second quarter. I have a feeling all of the Ducks will be losing their heads if they keep this up.

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