Pronghorn Steals Good Samaritan’s Shoe Seconds After He Freed It From A Fence

Pronghorn steals shoe
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You can’t make this stuff up.

And apparently a pronghorn just don’t care even if you help him.

Pronghorn are commonly known as the American antelope, however they’re not actually a member of the antelope family. As the only remaining survivor of the Antilocapridae family, their closet living relative is actually the giraffe.

Although, looking a  number of different African antelope species, it’s not hard to see why they draw those comparisons.

They can weigh on average around 100 pounds and are the fastest land mammal in North America.

These animals are just large enough to be the perfect meal size for a lot of predators, however with a top speed close to 60 miles per hour, they are definitely not the easiest to catch.

Indigenous to the western part of North America, they spend a lot of their time in elevated prairie land, using the fields and tall grass to their advantage.

In these areas, you’re going to find a lot of ranches, and often times, farmers and ranchers will put up fences… and this pronghorn finds himself wrapped up in one of them.

A couple of nice men decided to help the poor guy out.

As they approach, one of the men puts his foot on the antlers, while the other man works to cut away the barb wire fence. It helps to keep the buck from thrashing about while they try to free him.

As the wire breaks free, the pronghorn immediately gets up and takes off, taking the shoe of the man with it.

The man with the wire cutters can’t help but laugh as his partner falls backwards, and the pronghorn gets away with his shoe.

No good deed goes unpunished… as they say.

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