Father & Son Get In Hilarious Argument About Watching Football: “Does A Bear Sh*t In The Woods?”

TikTok ring camera footage

Football season…ahh brings out the best in everyone.

Whether you are on a high from, your team doing well, or you are down in the dumps with injured players and idiotic plays, nothing brings people together like some Sunday or Monday night football…well, that’s the case for most.

This kid and father might have a different experience.

A hilarious Ring video camera footage highlights an argument between a father and his young son. The kid asks if they are planning to watch the Raiders game. The father replies with a mildly sarcastic statement:

“Does a bear sh*t in the woods?”

The kid, explaining the way kids do, quickly corrected his father that there are circumstances where a bear wouldn’t sh*t in the woods.

“Uhh…actually, not all of them. Because how would they sh*t in the woods if they are in the zoo, locked up in a cage?”

The father quickly replied:

“Why do you have to be such a smartass all the time?”

The son goes back in on the defense…

“You’re being a smart A.S.S. because you’re asking me if a bear sh*ts in the woods.”

The dad comes back with a hilarious point from his kid’s last statement.

“Why are you spelling out A.S.S. and still cussing by saying sh*t? Obviously, we are watching football, it’s Sunday.”

Just to get the last word in, the boy says:

“Yeah, I know what day it is I’m not stupid.” 

Man, this is one of the best father/son interactions I have watched in a hot minute.

Clearly, tensions were high in this household before kick-off…

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