16 Years Ago Today, Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy Tore The Media A New One With Legendary “I’m A Man, I’m 40” Rant

Mike Gundy college football rant
Oklahoma State University

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was an eight-year-old kid who was really just getting into watching football, and I’ll never forget this crazy man repping Oklahoma State gear and a visor on TV, screaming at reporters:


Of course, we’re talking about the legendary rant from Oklahoma State head football coach, Mike Gundy. We’ve all seen it and/or heard it at least once in our lives, and it all went down 16 years ago today.

But, many people don’t know the context behind why Gundy said what he said.

It all went down after the Cowboys defeated the Texas Tech Red Raiders in a 48-45 thriller back in 2007. Gundy decided to bench original starting quarterback Bobby Reid after losing to Troy the week before. Newspapers and media in general were calling out Reid for his bad play, and needless to say, Gundy wasn’t having any of it.

He absolutely tore into the media after the win, calling them out for down-talking Reid as if he had done something wrong. He also reminded them that he was just a college kid, not an NFL superstar.

Needless to say, it’ll go down as one of the all time greatest rants in college football history, and it’s simply one that will never get old.

And incase you were wondering, Gundy is still the head coach for Oklahoma State today. He played quarterback for the Cowboys from 1986 to 1989, playing alongside Barry Sanders.

He joined the OK State coaching staff in 1990, and in 2001, he was named the offensive coordinator. He was then hired as head coach in 2004, and has stayed put ever since.

I guess you can say ol’ Gundy is a Cowboy for life.

Check it out:

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