Vincent Neil Emerson Announces New Album, ‘The Golden Crystal Kingdom’

Vincent Neil Emerson country music
Vincent Neil Emerson

Vincent Neil Emerson has a new album on the way.

He just announced that The Golden Crystal Kingdom will be out everywhere on November 10th, produced by the great Shooter Jennings, via Emerson’s longtime label home La Honda Records and new partner RCA Records.

In addition, Emerson released the lead single “Little Wolf’s Invincible Yellow Medicine Paint” today, which showcases his unique Choctaw-Apache heritage and the story of a medicine man and his special yellow paint created for warriors going into battle:

“The story was, basically, that a medicine man was tasked with motivating warriors to go into battle—they were going up against a bunch of white men with guns, and they knew they were going to die if they went into battle—and he came up with this special paint, this yellow medicine paint, and said, ‘If you wear this into battle, you’ll be invincible.

No arrow can pierce you. No bullet can pierce you. It’s an old-West-themed song, it’s not a modern-day story for sure.

These are indigenous stories, whether or not that old West comic was true.”

And as for the production on this one, the Texas native added that he wanted it to go beyond a country sound and be “loud and big” with a rock and roll feel:

“I wanted to make this song more than just a country song or a singer-songwriter type of song. I wanted this to be a rock and roll song. I wanted it to be loud and big.

Shooter got the idea right off the bat. He knew exactly what I was thinking.”

A phenomenal young talent, Emerson has been mentored by the likes of Charley Crockett (The Golden Crystal Kingdom tracklist even includes a cover of Crockett’s “Time of the Cottonwood Trees”) and Colter Wall, and is a true artist in every sense.

Heavily influenced by the land, his experiences, the different cities of Texas that he has resided in, as well as his family and heritage, he can see beauty in pain and turn it into lyrics that stick to your ribs.

You can check out the full tracklist for The Golden Crystal Kingdom below.

The Golden Crystal Kingdom tracklist:

Time of the Rambler
The Golden Crystal Kingdom
Time of the Cottonwood Trees
I’ll Meet You in Montana
Hang Your Head Down Low
Blackland Prairies
On the Banks of the Old Guadalupe
The Man From Uvalde
Voices (On the Spanish Isle)
Clover on the Hillside
Little Wolf’s Invincible Yellow Medicine Paint

“Little Wolf’s Invincible Yellow Medicine Paint”

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