Sam Barber Delivers Impressive Debut EP With ‘Million Eyes’

Sam Barber country music
Sam Barber

The debut EP from Sam Barber is here.

2023 has been a breakthrough year for Sam Barber. With the viral success of “Straight And Narrow” and “Dancing In The Sky,” fans have been begging the young artist to put out more than singles.

Well, the prayers have been answered today with the release of Sam Barber’s EP Million Eyes.

Sam had been promoting the release on social media over the past few weeks, giving some killer live performances of his tracks and insight into how the new songs came to life.

The EP is home to the singles that Barber has previously put out, along with three new tracks, “Million Eyes,” “Save Me,” and “Till I Return.” All new tracks follow the same promising songwriting that Barber has shown since his early work.

The title track of the EP “Million Eyes” is a beautiful song that highlights new beginnings and the thought of having a million eyes on him. While he might not have at the time writing the song, he sure does now, making it a full circle moment for Barber.

“It’s the fastest song and probably the most meaningful song, at least to myself, I’ve ever wrote.”

“Save Me” hits hard, talking about mental health struggles.

He wanted listeners to feel like they could “roll their windows down and scream” as he sings lyrics about feeling lost.

Sam Barber has done big things in his short time in the public eye, and this EP shows that he has the songwriting and vocals to continue doing big things.

I think Sam Barber has a long future in country music with this start.

“Million Eyes”

“Till I Return”

“Save Me”

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