Man Who Witnessed Missing F-35 Jet Crash Gives Unbelievable News Interview: “BOOM… My Whole House Shook”

Missing jet witness

In the past couple of weeks, nearly everyone has been talking about how America lost an expensive Jet.

And then after everyone got over the fact that Aaron Rodgers was out for the season, an actual military jet that went missing took over the news cycle. How does the military lose an F-35 fighter jet like you and I would misplace our car keys?

As crazy as it sounds, it actually happened, and was the result of the pilot of the aircraft ejecting from the jet. Why the pilot decided to bail on the aircraft is still unknown, but the whole thing does seem a little fishy, and the jet kept flying on autopilot after the pilot exited.

When you see the military budget for our country, you would assume that they could easily track a jet that went missing. However, the military was going as far to ask South Carolina residents (where the jet went missing) to “keep an eye out for it.”

The military literally treated their lost $100 million jet like their cocker spaniel that snuck through the backyard fence in the middle of the night. They basically were going around the neighborhood handing out flyers saying:

“Hey, so we lost our aircraft, so sad, so sad. Do you mind looking for it from time to time?

It looks like what you think a fighter jet would look like and it flies around 1,200 miles per hour, so it’ll be moving pretty fast.”

Luckily for the military, the jet eventually crashed into a non-populated area, though it did get close enough for one Williamsburg County man to hear it zooming through the sky shortly before it hit the ground.

This man by the name of Randolph White could barely believe his ears when the jet flew over his home, and did his best to describe the experience.

He tells the story of how he heard it, then tries to hilarious mimic the sound the aircraft made, which is why this clip is now going viral:

“I heard a screeching…between a screech and a whistle. Weeeeeeeeeerroooooooouugggghhhh. I said ‘what in the world is this?’ And then I heard a BOOM and my whole house shook.”

Well, based on his description of the sound, we know it was either a F-35 fighter jet that flew over his home, or it was R2-D2 from Star Wars. Or it could have possibly been both…

I’m glad everyone in South Carolina was okay, and it seems like it was very fortunate that the jet didn’t cause any significant damage when it crash landed. I’d also say that we are all fortunate to have Randolph’s perspective on the crashing aircraft as well.

The full news story with White can be seen below:

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