Idaho State Police Respond To Call From Family Who Abandoned Broken Down Car: “They’re Afraid Of Cougars, So They Fled… Hiding In Bushes”

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Wilson Chen

What’s worse, being stuck out in the middle of the ocean knowing sharks are nearby? Or being stuck in your car knowing cougars are around?

Okay, this is a no brainer for me. I have to admit I’d rather take my chances with a cougar than being stuck out in the water with a shark.

However, one family went through this terrifying cougar situation recently in Idaho, and did exactly what you DO NOT do in a situation like this.

According to For The Win, a family was stuck out in Idaho after their rental car broke down. And for some reason, they were worried about getting attacked by cougars. So what do they do?

They decided to get out of the safety of their car that they could lock themselves inside of, and hide behind some bushes… you know, where mountain lions like to hide too.

Andy Jay, the guy who monitors the live police scanner traffic in Boise, recalled hearing the call on the scanner between the state troopers. Needless to say, he was baffled by the family’s decision.

Jay told the outlet:

“It’s all as accurate as a single source dude and a police scanner can be.”

The dispatcher sent the trooper to the family, whose car was broken down on the border of Ada and Elmore counties.

Jay wrote on his Facebook page:

“Report of a family with a broken down rental car. They are afraid of cougars, so they have fled the car and are hiding in the bushes near the car.

Hats off to them. I spent years wondering how people in horror movies could be so stupid. Now I know they were drawing on real life.”

The story continues:

“Trooper is out with the car now. He can’t find anyone. His exact response ‘Maybe the cougar got’em.'”

Good Lord… you can’t make this up.

I mean, this is next level stupidity right here. At this point, it feels like the family just wanted to mess around and see what would happen if a cougar did end up approaching the vehicle.

The troopers arrived to the scene, only to find out that the family had hitchhiked a ride back to Boise:

“The trooper arrived on scene and the family had already gotten a ride to Boise. Meaning they were less afraid of hitch hiking then they were of cougars.”

Ya just can’t fix stupid…

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