Zach Bryan Teases Collaborations With Noah Kahan And Bon Iver

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Trevor Pavlik

If 13-year-old me heard that Bon Iver would put out a collab with one of my favorite country music artists today, she’d be unwell.

Zach Bryan was not kidding when he made the statement before the release of Zach Bryan that we’d be getting more continuous new music from him.

Last week, Bryan shared that he was in the studio with the “Dial Drunk” singer Noah Kahan, sending fans into a frenzy.

But, the news of that collaboration just got better, with Zach sharing that he cooked up something good with Kahan but also “Skinny Love” singer Bon Iver.

It is a perfect union joining indie icons with country music.

“Locked myself in a studio all week, wrote myself through a notebook, walked around with people I love in the city, then went camping, felt restful and hopeful, thankful for breathing no matter the day. Just grateful.

Thank you to Bon Iver and Noah Kahan. Them boys of faith.”

Zach Bryan shared on Instagram with teaser clips of three songs.

He also shared on Twitter each teaser clip, breaking down who is featured on which one.

“A pool stick I was gifted from him.”

“Come back soon, Noah Kahan. You have a friend for life.”

Zach Bryan and Noah Kahan’s vocals on this track blend seamlessly. I can’t wait to hear the entire cut to listen to their harmonies together.

The sound they have curated seems to take the best of both artists’ sound, creating something incredible.

The final teaser clip is the track with Bon Iver.

Bryan posed the same thank you message in the caption, and I think this track’s title is “Them Boys Of Faith,” based on his Instagram caption, combined with the snippet of lyrics we hear.

“But you stuck around when I was down
And I owe you all my days,
Them boys of faith
Them boys of faith..

Zach Bryan has an endless well of ideas regarding his music. How he can crank out the volume of songs he does and get into the studio to cut them all while on a major tour is beyond impressive.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a release date for these three tracks is on the way…

Check out some of the excitement among fans of all the artists.

“How did you so casually drop such an iconic collab.”

There’s no way we are being teased with even more great music immediately after an album…”

“Dude, can you try to write something bad.”

“Life is good. You da man.”

“You’re really gonna destroy the internet with these ones, huh?”

“Zacharyyyyy you can’t do this to me.”

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