Zach Bryan Shares Picture In The Studio With Noah Kahan, Is A Collaboration On The Way?

Noah Kahan
Zach Bryan

I don’t know if my heart can handle a song from this duo.

Just weeks after the release of his self-titled album, Zach Bryan shares he is back in the studio. Not only backing the statement he made that singles fans have been begging for will be slowly released over time, but also noting there could be a new collaboration on the way.

“Drunk Dial” singer Noah Kahan was pictured in the studio with Bryan and his dog.

“Jack, huge Noah guy.”

While no formal statement has been made yet about a future collaboration, a shared studio is a high indicator that something could be in the works.

Fans quickly commented about the heartbreak a collaboration between the two artists could hold.

“Collab of the f*cking century.”

“Oh, I’m gonna be depressed depressed.”

“The collab we have been waiting for.”

“Need this collab asap.”

We always say that sad country songs make us happy, but this one might bring the tears.

Only time will tell what is in store for listeners…

Zach Bryan Says He’ll Release More New Singles In The Coming Months

Obviously, Zach has a ton of unreleased music that he’s teased us with over the years.

But shortly after releasing the tracklist for his self-titled album, which dropped on the 25th of August, Zach tweeted some more exciting news about his vault of unreleased music.

“I wanted this entire record to be self-produced. Releasing Deep Satin (a song my friend Eddie produced) and a few more songs as the months are to come.

I won’t keep anyone waiting I promise, I love you guys and I am so grateful I get to grow through this life with y’all.”

Fans quickly went nuts replying to his tweet.


“I really hope screen door is one of those songs.”

“Will the song known as “Screen Door” be released? Nothing reminds me of my granny like does.”

“Any chance you ever release “Dark “? This song speaks to me more than any other in the world.”

“Please please, please tell me you’re thinking of releasing ‘Butcher’s Floor.'”

“I don’t want to pry, but is there any way we can get a released version of ‘Somebody.'”

The names of tracks fans hope to hear goes on and on…

As someone who feels well-versed in the space of unreleased Zach Bryan songs, scrolling through this list made me feel the complete opposite.

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