Lynx Jumps Width Of Entire Creek After Thin Ice Starts To Crack

Canada lynx on thin ice

Lynx are some of the coolest cats out there… these animals never cease to amaze.

Wild cats in general are just so fun to watch. Their similarities to house cats never go unnoticed, despite them being absolute assassins.

Lynx are wild cats that like to go unnoticed and hunt what they can. They have a tight relationship with snowshoe hare, and their populations often rise and fall in the same patterns due to lynx heavy dependence on them as a food source.

Lynx are efficient hunters. They are smart and stalk their prey, often going unseen until they pounce. They will set up and wait for their prey to walk right to them and then in a flash they jump and go straight for the kill zone, taking their prey out.

These lynx are powerful, but fairly small only weighing up to 35 pounds. They are able to take out much larger prey using the element of surprise. Their massive jump is what helps them with this. They have muscular hind legs that are used to help them leap up to 25 feet in one jump. The big pads on their feet also help them navigate snowy terrains with ease.

This lynx showed us not just their amazing jump, but also how intelligent these wild cats are.

The lynx is spotted on a trail camera trotting down a log towards a newly frozen water source.

As he gets to the ice, the lynx slowly puts its paws out onto it. As both paws hit, the ice lets out a subtle crack, and the lynx pauses.

He thinks for a second, then pulls back onto the log. Without hesitation, he winds his legs up and clears the entire width of the ice and is off to higher ground.

These animals are amazing.

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