Cody Jinks Crushes Live Performance Of “Must Be The Whiskey” In Minnesota

Cody Jinks country music
Cody Jinks

Prepare to turn your speakers all the way up…

Cody Jinks certainly knows how to handle himself up on stage, and that’s evident from his recent performance at the Wayzata Beach Bash in Wayzata, Minnesota.

And before you ask yourself “are there beaches in Minnesota,” let me remind you that we are here to just enjoy this Cody Jinks performance and not talk about the geography of our northern states.

Jinks broke onto the country music scene with his 2016 album I’m Not The Devil, and ever since then he has been cranking out hit after hit and collecting a huge following of loyal fans.

Those who follow Cody Jinks and could make it to the Wayzata Beach Bash packed into the venue to see one of their favorite country music artists perform, and saying that he rocked the stage could be an understatement.

The Texas native brought many of his hits to the Minnesota venue, and had the crowd in the palm of his hands when he broke into “Must Be The Whiskey,” his lead single (and arguably most recognizable song) from his 2018 project titled Lifers.

Footage shot by a flying drone paired with some stationary cameras captured the impassioned performance of his hit song. Fans in attendance were loudly singing along, especially during the opportunities to scream “Must Be the Whiskey” each time Jinks repeated the chorus.

The video is excellently directed, and the performance is one that’s so good, it makes you think “man, I wish I could have been there.” If you consider yourself a Cody Jinks fan, you’ve got to check it out (with the volume turned all the way up of course).

Take a listen:

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