Group Of Dudes Try To Drag Beached Mako Shark Back Into The Ocean At Pensacola Beach

Mako shark

A wise man once said, “mess with the bull, and you’ll get the horns.”

That saying nearly played out into a nightmare for these people visiting Pensacola Beach, Florida.

According to WKRG, Tina and Josh Fey (not to be confused withe the actress and comedian Tina Fey) were visiting Pensacola Beach from Texas, when they witnessed a big ol’ 10-f00t Mako shark washing ashore basically right in front of them.

Josh told the outlet:

“We were sitting on the beach just having a good time and my buddy just said, ‘Look out in the water there, man.’ I see that fin and I was like, yeah, it was two or three sandbars away from us.

Eventually it just turned to the left and started coming directly beeline toward the shoreline, and I said , ‘That’s a big shark coming in.’ And we thought it was chasing some bait or whatnot, but it came all the way to shoreline and beached itself.”

Although Josh is an avid fisherman and has seen his share of sharks, one this big was a first for him:

“She had about two inch teeth on her, and it was two rows of them, a lot of rows of them, and they were pretty big.

It was just thrashing all around and I said, ‘We got to get her back in the water because she’s gonna die; something’s wrong… she’s sick; she might’ve got caught by somebody offshore.’”

As for the video, you can see the massive shark beached on the shore, and multiple guys trying to pull it by the tail back out into the water. Of course, the shark wasn’t aware that the people were trying to help it, so it proceeded to flap around and attempt to reach back and bite at the guys.

Needless to say, it got a bit too close for comfort at times, and it’s good to see that everybody was able to walk away unscathed.

The couple ultimately had to alert authorities of the situation, since it was dangerous to handle, but when a few others on the beach came by to help, they were able to get it back in the water.

Josh concluded:

“Thank you to the guys that helped us. You know, if it wasn’t for them, I would not be able to move her. She was every bit of 5 to 600 pounds; I would think.

I couldn’t budge her; it took four of us to enter into the water. I hope everybody else that comes to beaches and sees a distressed animal like that, you know, with sea turtles or anything like that, that they help them out.”

Check it out:

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