Deion Sanders Gifted His Entire Colorado Team Sunglasses While Other Head Coaches Keep Throwing Shade

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The Colorado Buffaloes have not had a problem playing in the national spotlight so far this year, and now they aren’t going to have any problem with the sun being too bright either.

In case you missed it, or aren’t familiar with the current story, Coach Prime and his Colorado team are set to take on their in-state rivals Colorado State this weekend. The Buffaloes are already playing with high-energy so far this season, which has led them to an impressive 2 and o start after they went 1 and 11 last season (before Deion Sanders got there).

So I’m not sure why someone would try and give Colorado “bulletin board material” to get them motivated to win even more, but opposing coaches continue to do so. The Oregon Ducks head coach did it yesterday, but the first person to do so was the head coach of Colorado State, Jay Norvell.

When speaking about Sanders, Norvell said:

“When I talk to grown ups I take my hat and glasses off because that’s what my mother taught me.”

Every smart person knows that choosing to pick a fight with Coach Prime probably wasn’t a good call, and every smart person also knows that Deion Sanders was going to be able to turn that comment around on Jay Norvell pretty quickly.

And that’s exactly what he did, because he decided to gift every single Colorado Buffalo football player with a pair of his signature sunglasses. Every player quickly and excitedly put the shades on, and Deion stood up in the front of the room saying:

“I just wanted to see how you all look in them. You look good. You look fly. Look fly, look good, on my mama, on my hood.”

Colorado by a million over Colorado State this weekend…

And I’m no betting man (that’s a lie, I am), but considering Colorado State’s head coach “made things personal,” I would HAMMER the over.

There’s no chance that Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes let their foot off the gas pedal in Saturday’s matchup.

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