Oregon Head Coach Latest To Trash Talk Colorado & Deion Sanders: “I Don’t Remember Them Winning Anything”

Oregon football coach
Brenna Greene

Have these college football coaches not heard that Coach Prime’s Colorado team is a force to be reckoned with?

After entering into the season with almost an entirely new team, many were picking the Buffaloes to struggle out of the gate with Deion Sanders at the helm. However, that’s been far from the case, as Coach Prime has led Colorado to a 2-0 start, with both games being won in convincing fashion.

Now, Colorado enters into the upcoming weekend with a matchup against in-state rival Colorado State. It’s abundantly clear that Deion has his team playing together and playing to win, and that’s without the other teams giving them “bulletin board material.”

However, for some unexplainable reason, teams that are set to face the Colorado Buffaloes keep giving them extra reasons to play hard, with the first quote coming from Colorado State’s head coach Jay Norvell.

In an interview, Norvell took a shot at Coach Prime and said:

“When I talk to grown ups I take my hat & glasses off because that’s what my mother taught me.”

First of all, if he’s trying to trash talk, that’s not really all that great. Secondly, why would you want to give a fiery Colorado team even more motivation to beat the absolute snot out of your team?

If you thought that there was a chance that Coach Prime didn’t hear about the quote, you would be mistaken.

Shortly after the quote from Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell started making its rounds on the internet, a video of Deion Sanders responding to the remark while leading practice emerged:

“It was just gonna be a good game, but they done messed around and made it personal.”

Like Coach Prime said himself, why would someone else talk about Colorado when they aren’t out there talking about anyone else?

Enter Oregon…

There’s a possibility that Oregon head coach Dan Lanning could have seen that video from Deion Sanders, or at least seen the response to what Colorado State’s coach said, and he still decided to speak ill of the Buffaloes.

Again, I’m not sure why you would at this point…

Oregon, typically a very good football team, is set to face off with Colorado on September 23rd (next Saturday), and it’s very possible that both college teams could be undefeated heading into the matchup. It was already going to be a highly anticipated game, and now with this quote from the Duck’s head coach, it should be talked up even more.

Head coach Dan Lanning was asked about the impact of Colorado leaving the Pac-12, and he said this:

“Not a big reaction. I’m trying to remember what they won to affect this conference and I don’t remember.

You remember them winning anything? I don’t remember them winning anything.”

Oh boy…

God bless anyone who has to face Colorado this season, and may God have mercy on any team that trash talks the Buffaloes before their game even begins.

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