Colorado State Coach Jay Norvell Shades Deion Sanders Ahead Of Rocky Mountain Showdown: “When I Talk To Grown Ups, I Take My Hat & Glasses Off”

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Some bulletin board material for Coach Prime.

It almost is time for the Rocky Mountain Showdown, AKA the University of Colorado and Colorado State rivalry game.

And nothing prepares fans for a state rivalry like some trash talk among coaches.

While Deion Sanders had nothing but nice things to say when he sat down with ESPN earlier this week to talk about the game, Colorado State Rams’ coach, Jay Norvell, had some slightly jabby comments to throw at Coach Prime.

We all know that Coach Prime has a signature look of a white ball cap with his oversized sunglasses and chains. A true embodiment of the dress well, play well motto. However, Norvell commented on the signature style when Sanders conducted his ESPN interview without removing his hat or glasses.

“When I talk to grown ups I take my hat & glasses off because that’s what my mother taught me.”

Of course, he didn’t name Coach Prime by name, but we all know who he is talking about.

Last week, Nebraska went out to pray on the Colorado logo, and also made a comment about working with the team you have (which some called a jab at Sanders’ use of the transfer portal). Shedeur Sanders (Deion’s son and the Buffaloes quarterback) said he “took it personal,” and Nebraska got cooked by the Buffaloes that game.

Many are thinking that Norvell’s statement could lead to a similar fate.

But outside of football, leave it to the internet sleuths to find images that completely contradicted Norvell’s statement.

Twitter is ROASTING him, to say the least.

During a pre-game interview after his comment, Sanders had nothing but kind words for Norvell, keeping it calm, cool, and collected.

“What I hear, I haven’t met the gentleman, that he is a good man. I know he’s a great coach. I mean, he has those guys playing hard…I like that. I like that Norvell said that…”

The interviewer did a stellar job changing the topic to something more positive, asking about his feelings about facing another black head coach on the sidelines.

“Unfortunately, one of the brothers has got to lose when you face another black head coach. You want to see us win, that’s the thing. 

Besides that, it is just tremendous getting this opportunity to allow the nation to see that we are more than capable of doing a sufficient and a great job. I’m happy he pointed that out, and I have the utmost respect for him, truly.”

The Rams take on the Buffaloes this Saturday, and let’s just say… I’ll have my money on Coach Prime and company. Something tells me this one might be “personal” too…

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