California Man Arrested For DUI While Riding A Horse

Horse arrest

Well we are all learning together that you can get a DUI if you are actively participating in an RUI (riding under the influence).

A California man was arrested this past weekend after an officer noticed that we riding a horse with an open container of alcohol. Now, we are all familiar with the dangers of drinking and driving, but clearly this man thought he had figured out the loophole.

However, Officer Kody Brackett thought otherwise, and pulled over (can you pull over someone on a horse?) the California man who was downing alcohol on horseback. Brackett was very quickly able to tell that the horseback rider was inebriated, which ultimately led to the rider being charged on a count of DUI.

The official California Highway Patrol put out a post on Facebook describing the serious-yet-hilarious arrest, saying:

“In a recent incident, Officer Brackett demonstrated unwavering commitment to keeping our roads safe. While on duty, he noticed a horseback rider carrying an open container of alcohol.

Concerned for everyone’s safety, Officer Brackett contacted the rider and it became evident that the rider was impaired by alcohol, leading to their arrest for DUI.”

And thankfully, they also cleared up a couple of questions that us “regular people” might have had. They cited a rule that specially states those under the influence cannot ride an animal on the road, and also tied up a loose end for those that were worried about what happened to the horse:

“It’s worth noting that, according to California Vehicle Code 21050, the rules of the road apply to those operating animals on the highway.

In a display of true compassion, Officer Brackett also ensured the safe return of the horse to its origin after the arrest.”

I don’t want to make light of this whole situation, but wasn’t the horse the one that was technically driving? The guy sitting on it is just kind of giving directions, right?

As long as the horse didn’t appear to be impaired, I’d have to side with the guy on this one…

He responsibly got a ride and did not get behind the wheel of a vehicle, so you have to give him some sort of credit, right? Maybe you don’t give the guy a break, but someone should definitely award this horse something for being a responsible driver.

Some extra hay or apples should suffice…

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