Tuna Fisherman Witnesses 3 Humpback Whales Jump In Perfect Unison Off The Coast Of Cape Cod

Humpback whales jump
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This is why you get off the couch and go experience nature.

A once-in-a-lifetime encounters might just be waiting for you. I mean, what are the odds that three massive creatures jump exactly at the same time? I can’t imagine it’s very high…

Humpbacks grow massive, weighing as much as 40 tons and measuring 60 feet long. That makes them longer than a school bus and more than double its weight. Even then, they are nowhere near the largest whales out there.

They are filter feeders and swim with their mouths open to catch dinner. Beyond that they have a reputation as putting on some of the best shows in the ocean. They love to jump and breach the water, along with being extremely vocal. They are often heard letting out large noises that echo through the ocean.

Sure, it’s normal to see them jump. But it’s actually extremely rare to see multiple whales breach in unison. Unless, you’re at some dump like Sea World…

This man however, saw something amazing while tuna fishing off the coast of Cape Cod.

According to CBS News, he was out doing some fishing with his daughters for his birthday, they came across some humpbacks that decided to put on a show.

Three massive whales are all seen in unison, jumping out of the water and crashing back down as the family loses their minds aboard their boat.

Talk about a good birthday present.

“A triple breach is unheard of and a synchronized triple breach is even rarer. It’s once in a lifetime. Just very fortunate. I feel God shined down on me to allow me to capture that.”

This is so rare, even whale watchers and researchers are jealous of the encounter.

“Even some of the whale experts that have reached out to me, they’re all jealous because they’ve never seen it.”

Check it out:

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