Ronnie Dunn Recalls Performing Days After 9/11: “It Was The Most Emotional Show I Can Remember Being A Part Of”

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On this day, we will never forget the horrific events of 9/11.

While many artists are taking to social media today to remember the lives lost on this day twenty-two years ago, Ronnie Dunn took to social to share his unique perspective, having to take the stage only a few days later.

While the rest of the nation is mourning and rallying together to support New York and those affected, Brooks & Dunn was expected to throw a giant party during their concert.

Ronnie Dunn took to Twitter to reflect on how the conflicting emotions of going through with the show turned into one of the most emotional nights he’s had on stage.

“We were scheduled to play a concert in Pennsylvania days after the 9/11 attack…”

He stated in the post’s caption, which was also the first sentence of the story graphic.

“It was not far from where United Flight 93 had crashed. To our surprise, the promoters made the choice to follow through with the show. 

From the outside looking in, it felt inappropriate, but we were bound by contract to follow through, so we roll to Pennsylvania. We knew that we had to follow through. We just didn’t know how. I felt the urgent need to come up with some way to put us on stage and get us through the show. 

Not ten minutes before show time, it occurred to me… that the intent of these “terrorists” was to bring America to its knees, stifle our spirit. 

I grabbed a pencil and paper, scribbled a note, and sent it over to Kix’s bus. I read it over the sound system from backstage. It said:

‘It is important for us to let you know that we are uncomfortable walking out and throwing a party on stage tonight… I believe that we, as Americans, have an obligation to openly rebuke a belief system where the sole goal is to stifle and break out spirit. 

They expect us to cower… that is not going to happen… so, in defiance tonight, our voices will not be silenced… we will be heard, and the power of our resolve will be heard. Not just here tonight but around the world.’

The crowd began to cheer. It was deafening. We walked out and opened with “Only In America.” 

It was the most emotional show I can remember being a part of. People stood the entire show waving thousands of American flags, crying, defiantly chanting…’USA, USA, USA!'”

The vivid memories of everyone who lived through it are some that no one should have to live with. While the nation was mourning, the power of music brought everyone together that night during the show.

In fact, it was one of the most unified times that I can remember in the United States of America.

Never forget.

“Only In America”

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