Peyton Manning Had No Idea Zach Wilson Was Still On The Jets After Aaron Rodgers Is Injured In First Series

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You hate to see this…

Whether you are a fan of Aaron Rodgers or not, no one wanted the legendary quarterback to get hurt.

In the very first series of his New York Jets tenure, the player that literally everyone was talking about this offseason went down with an apparent leg injury and was removed from the game.

A raucous New York crowd suddenly went silent as the player that was supposed to take them to the promise land was laying on the ground and unable to get up. But, as the sport of football often calls for, it was the next man up for the Jets, so first round pick Zach Wilson came out onto the field to take over for “Gang Green.”

Much to Peyton Manning’s surprise…

On the “ManningCast,” Peyton and Eli Manning could hardly believe that Rodgers’ Jets career had barely gotten started before he went down. The look on their faces is everything, with the two hosts being just as shocked as the rest of the country.

After the two brothers tried to get through their shock and they watched Rodgers get carried off to the sideline, Peyton asked:

“Who is the back up? Richard Todd or Ken O’Brien? “

That’s when Eli pointed out that Zach Wilson is next in line:

“Wilson still plays there? I didn’t know they had any other quarterback besides Aaron Rodgers.”

Eli was laughing when he first asked because he thought Peyton was joking, but he clearly was not:

Later on in the broadcast, it showed Aaron Rodgers exiting the injury tent and sitting on a cart to be taken to the locker room.

Both of the former quarterbacks continued to be floored by the injury, and could barely hold themselves together when the camera showed Rodgers loading up onto the cart.

Peyton said:

“Holy cow! I cannot believe this. I thought it was just an ankle. I thought we’d go tape it up and get him back in there. C’mon…dang.”

Man, I was really looking forward to this game. Poor Jets fans…

Oh, and people couldn’t believe that Peyton Manning didn’t know Zach Wilson was still with the Jets:

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