Matt Rhule Responds To Shedeur Sanders, Says They Were Praying: “I Asked Shedeur If He Wanted To Join Us”

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We’re officially two weeks into the college football season, and perhaps the biggest talk of the college football world has been the Colorado Buffaloes.

After going 1-11 last season, new head coach Deion Sanders has brought in a ton of transfers and completely turned around the culture in only two games, as they’re 2-0 with an upset victory on the road at TCU, and also Nebraska.

It’s been fun to watch, considering tons of critics said that Sanders’ method of bringing in a ton of transfers won’t work. Now I’m not saying they’re elite yet, and I know it’s a long season, but they’ve looked really good the first two games.

But speaking of Colorado’s win over Nebraska, it wasn’t without a little bit of controversy.

Colorado’s starting quarterback and Deion’s son, Shedeur Sanders, said in the post game press conference that he felt Nebraska coach Matt Rhule’s decision to have his team meet at midfield was disrespectful.

He said:

“It was extremely personal. We go out there to warm up, you’ve got the head coach of the other team trying to stand on the middle of the Buff. Like it’s okay if a couple players do it, it’s fine, like just enjoy the scenery.

But when you’ve got the whole team trying to disrespect it, you know I’m not going for that at all, so I went in there and disrupted it… Nah the Buffaloes mean a lot to me, and personally that’s what I was saying pregame.

And that’s when I knew it was extreme disrespect. The coach said a lot of things about my pops, about the program, but now that he wants to act nice, I don’t respect that, because you hating on another man you shouldn’t do that.

So, it was just all respect was gone for them and their program.”

And this is the situation Shedeur was referring to:

Coach Prime said he didn’t know that any of this happened until after the game:

With that being said, Nebraska head coach Matt Rhule has spoken up about the incident, and denied any disrespect towards Deion, Shedeur, or the University of Colorado.

In fact, he says he was just praying for the players on the field, and even invited Shedeur to join:

“We do it at every stadium. We go over there and pray for blessings, I asked Shedeur if he wanted to pray with us. I’m a public official, I can have my own faith, I say ‘pray’ but we take a moment as a team.

We have Muslim guys, we have non believers, we take a moment as a team, and I want that field to be safe for everybody. You know at the end of the game, no one is gonna tell me who I am.

At the end of the game they told me ‘hey we’re gonna run right off the field, they’re gonna storm the field,’ and I said absolutely not, absolutely not. I don’t care if I get beaten up by a mob, I’m running across that field and shaking coach Sanders’ hand.

When you’re losing people are gonna say all kinds of things about you, but I know exactly who I am, exactly who I am, and I’m coaching this team with class, and I’m not changing, and I went over there and shook that man’s hand and whispered in his ear, and I’ve never disrespected an opponent a day in my life and I never will.”

Still waiting to see the whole video, but sounds like Shedeur might’ve read a little too much into the situation.

Nevertheless, Colorado is 2-0, and the Cornhuskers? Well, they’re 0-2…

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