Bubba Wallace Slammed For Calling 23XI Teammate Tyler Reddick A “Little Mental Case”

Bubba Wallace NASCAR

Man, Bubba Wallace just can’t catch a break in 2023.

The 23XI driver has suffered from pit crew issues, to self inflicted wounds like wrecking on the 11th lap at the Circuit of the Americas, and most recently, he suffered a flat tire and hit the wall which killed his chances of winning at the Hollywood Casino 400 yesterday.

He was running in second place the time, 29 laps into Stage 2:

Of course, he is in the midst of his first career playoff run, probably running the best he ever has, but now sitting at 14th in the playoff standings, he’s probably gonna need a win at Darlington next week to advance to the Round of 12.

Bubba is also taking some heat on social media after calling his 23XI teammate, Tyler Reddick, a “little mental case.”

Reddick got the victory this past weekend, and Wallace took the chance to throw some shade at his teammate. Of course, he was 100% joking, and was just taking the opportunity to talk some good ol’ meaningless sh*t to his buddy.

Wallace said:

“Congrats to Tyler, I’m pumped for him for sure… I was running him down, and he got a little sketched out that I was trying to help him… He’s a little mental case sometimes but hey it all worked out.”

He was seen congratulating his Tyler a number of times yesterday:

It was completely out of jest, but if there’s anything we’ve come to learn over the past couple of years, it’s that X (formerly Twitter) is filled with people that have a tendency to love to tear people down whenever they get the chance, and that’s what we’re seeing with Wallace’s comments now.

Wallace has been a proponent of mental health during his career, so naturally, people found a reason to take offense to the comment:

Wallace finally had enough of it and responded to all of the criticism:

“Dawh Bubba can’t pick on his friends in interviews.”


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