World Class Moron Lays Down In Front Of Bison At Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone bison guy
Tourons of Yellowstone

You can’t fix stupid…

Idiots are a dime a dozen at Yellowstone, or any national park for that matter. I mean, idiots are a dime a dozen everywhere you go but Yellowstone just seems to be the perfect storm… it’s packed with people, it’s packed with wild animals, and everybody already has their phone or camera out, ready to capture the madness.

Exhibit A…

This clown stumbles across a bison at the park, and rather than keeping a safe distance and snapping a few pics for the ‘Gram, he decided to lay down on his back to get the shot… with his phone.

Nope, not a professional photographer trying to get the right angle… he’s a doofus with a cell phone.

Of course, it goes without saying that laying on the ground in front of one of these half-ton beasts leaves you insanely vulnerable should it decide to charge.

I know we’re all rooting for the bison in this particular video, but luckily, the man appears to get away unscathed.

Just mind-blowingly dumb… but hey, it’s par for the course lately.

Utah Woman Gets Rag-Dolled By Bison At It In Yellowstone National Park

You hate to see it…

It’s not like I want to see anyone get hurt, but can these folks please start helping themselves?

If you stay out of harms way, nothing can harm you… it’s that simple. So in other words, start away from this 1,000-plus pound, pissed off bison, which will certainly harm you if you get close enough.

This video of a news report on Cathy Hayes who was at Yellowstone National Park. Cathy, a Utah native, and her family decided it was a good idea to get closer to a bison for a good video.

Cathy even jokes that she’s about to get gored by a bison, but her brother-in-law Donald just had to get a closer look.

Then Donald breaks the cardinal sin of national parks and… provokes it. The moron throws a stick at the bison and nearly got his ass gored for it.

Unfortunately, his sister took the hit.

“Flipped me end-over-end like a rag doll, in the air.”

The bison charged at Donald but when he tripped and fell (breaking his shoulder), the bison cut straight for her. Cathy made a run for the bushes but she doesn’t realize the bison knows how to get around them.

At this point the video is impossible to see anything, but you can tell when this thing absolutely runs her over, flipping her into the air “like a rag doll” as she put it.

“I could hear him over me stomping and snorting, and I just knew. I knew at that second that was it.

You know, I thought, “This is going to be my last moment. It’s going to be in Yellowstone Park getting tromped by a buffalo.” 

It’s funny because she really didn’t get hurt to bad, save for some big bumps and bruises. All we can do is hope she learned her lesson.

The worst of this is, Cathy is a teacher. These are the people educating children making decisions like this and not taking full responsibility for the outcome.

I can’t say I’d be talking to the local news about being an idiot though… at least she can admit it.

“Just don’t do what I did… be smart people.”

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