Maren Morris Ready To Reignite Feud With Jason Aldean, Teases “Welcome To Our Perfect Small Town”

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Rachel Deeb

Say what you want about country music singer Maren Morris, but she isn’t afraid to pick a fight every once in a while.

It’s probably safe to say that Morris and Jason Aldean do not like one another, with much of the tension and animosity originating from a back and forth the two artists had about the transgender community. Morris initially came after Aldean’s wife Brittany for a comment she made during a makeup video on her Instagram:

“I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase. I love this girly life.”

Morris responded by calling Brittany an “Insurrection Barbie,” which of course didn’t go over well with Jason Aldean. Former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson even jumped in on the whole thing and called Maren a “lunatic country music person.”

All that of that eventually subsided, that is until Maren Morris decided to jump back into the ring with the Aldeans.

Maren took to Instagram to share a somewhat cryptic post that appears to be taking a jab at Aldean, specifically targeting Jason’s latest song “Try That In A Small Town.” The tune was intended to be something that brought people together, but Aldean inadvertently created a swirling controversy with the lyrics and images in the song’s music video.

In Morris’ post, she shares a photo of her wearing a black top and looking curiously up into the sky. Some sharp-eyed Maren Morris fans have noticed that the top she is wearing in the picture seems to either be the exact top or one very similar to the one she wore at the 2016 CMAs, the year she won “New Artist of the Year.”

The more important aspect of the Instagram post is the video slide that was shared along with the picture. In a silent clip, a billboard is shown that reads:

“Welcome to our perfect small town: from sunrise to sundown.”

There’s no music shared along with it, but one could assume that Maren Morris is teasing a song that will directly combat and call out Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town.” The heat surrounding Aldean’s song had kind of simmered down in the past couple of weeks, but if this Maren Morris song is what everyone thinks it is, the fire underneath “Try That In A Small Town” will certainly be lit back up.

Take a look at the post below, which is captioned:

“I’m done filling a cup with a hole in the bottom.”

Getcha popcorn ready… I can’t wait to see how this goes over.

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