Bird Steals Fur Off A Sleeping Fox To Build Its Nest

fox fur

Every time I think I’ve seen the craziest wild life video, another one comes along and says “hold my beer.”

Now this might not be a clip of a bison sending a wolf cartwheeling through the air, or a mother bear chasing away a big male bear through a river, but it still shows the chaotic beauty of nature.

Birds are some of the most interesting creatures on the planet. You probably take them for granted as you are walking around outdoors, or maybe even get upset at them for singing too loudly or dropping feces on the windshield of your car.

However, the flying animals (yes, they are considered animals, even though it sounds weird) don’t care what you think because they are too busy living their best life, singing songs to one another, and enjoying the fact that they don’t have to mess with airline travel.

They also take pride in their nest building, which is usually unique to each of the various bird species. All in all, most winged-creatures gather grass, sticks, leaves, and mud to build their homes, though a lot of them just use whatever they can find.

A large portions of birds like to use fur to build their nests since the material can help act as a natural insulator for their domicile, which are often constructed high up in trees (or in the corners of your porch or unattended pots and plants).

Now, when I say that, you would think that birds just happen to stumble upon fur laying on the ground and decide to scoop it up, but that is not the case in this video. This brave bird decided to go straight to the source and chose a sleeping fox’s fur to help build its nest.

In the clip, the fox lays on the forest floor in a deep sleep as the bird picks away at the animals back. Somehow the pecking and pulling does not awake the animal, who continues to roll around in the leaves and cover its eyes.

Meanwhile, the bird is gathering some of the freshest fur it can find to feature in its nest building. Take a look:

X users (formerly Twitter) were shocked that the bird’s pulling of the fox’s fur didn’t wake up the animal, and left replies beneath the video with their thoughts and feelings about the fearless flying creature:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock