South Carolina Head Coach Shane Beamer Blames UNC Loss On Chain Crew Eating Hot Dogs Before The Second Half

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It has been an exciting weekend of college football to kick off the season, and we still actually have one more game to top it off tonight.

Colorado’s upset win over TCU will probably take the cake as the best game of Week 1, but one matchup that was supposed to be pretty competitive was the UNC Tar Heels taking on their rival South Carolina Gamecocks.

Things were pretty close in the first half of the game, but UNC started to run away with it in the second half and ended up taking down South Carolina 31 to 17.

After the game, Shane Beamer, the head coach of the Gamecocks, was speaking to the media and was disappointed in his team’s performance, but didn’t blame the loss entirely on them.

Beer and hotdogs are a staple of live sporting events, and apparently one of those two things somehow negatively affected the game for South Carolina (and it wasn’t beer). While speaking to the media post-game, Shane Beamer gave this strange quote (one could also call it an excuse) about why they started off slow in the second half:

“We just were not good enough, we gotta…do we have any stats? Anybody? It’s kind of the story of the night. Clock was wrong the whole damn game, we’re trying to kick an onside kick to start the second half and we’ve got to wait on the chain crew cause they’re eating a hot dog.

That’s the only disappointing thing about tonight. So I don’t know what things came out to be statistically, but not good enough.”

Ahh, the classic “blame the chain crew because they eating a hot dog” excuse. One of the oldest ones in the book.

Beamer alleges that they wanted to get out fast in the second half and surprise UNC with an onside kick, but it ended up not working out in their favor because the guys on the sidelines who are in charge of moving the 10-yard chains were too busy sucking down glizzys.

What a bizarre statement to make, and if you don’t believe me that he said it, you can listen for yourself:

X (formerly known as Twitter) users certainly were not sympathizing with the South Carolina head coach, sending out replies to the video saying:

Oh, so that last guy actually agreed with Beamer? Well, at least he’s got one person on his side. I bet it is his burner account though…

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