Watch This Rabid Fox Absolutely Lose Its Mind In Georgia

Rabid fox
Michael W


Rabies is no joke and nothing to mess with.

Gray foxes are medium-sized wild dogs weighing up to 15 pounds. They are named for their appearance and have salt-and-peppery fur.

Much like their relatives, they hunt small rodents and mammals mainly, but are omnivorous and will eat fruits, berries and insects as well.

Gray foxes can get rabies. It isn’t as common as other animals like raccoons, but it does happen. Gray foxes behavior is affected when they have rabies and they act out of character. Typically, they are nocturnal, so generally seeing one acting weird during the day is a pretty good indicator that they are rabid.

Foxes with rabies tend to have a zombie-like appearance. They are likely to have seizures and not drink water, which will ultimately lead to their death.

Rabies is widely managed and attempted to be controlled as it can also affect humans to same as animals. Although curable in most cases it may not be a fun experience.

This fox was spotted in Georgia with full-on rabies going on.

The fox is having a full-on seizure and is clearly not a normal fox. The video was posted as awareness for others to know to stay clear of any fox the see behaving out of the norm and anything like this.

Watch out for rabies when you are out there and be aware of how to spot it.

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