Lane Kiffin’s Dog, Juice, Getting The Tee For Ole Miss Is The Best Play Of The Weekend

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Or is it MVD – Most Valuable Dog?

College football is finally back and all is right with the world as I’m sitting here posted up on my couch doing absolutely nothing with my Saturday but watching nonstop football.

It’s already been a wild day, with Colorado pulling off an insane upset over last year’s College Football Playoff runner up, #17 TCU.

But despite all of the excitement in that game, the best play of the day so far came from Ole Miss – and it came after the whistle blew.

After the second half kickoff, Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin sent his his dog Juice out onto the field to get the tee, much to the amusement of the commentators:

What a good boy.

Sure, he overshot his target, but he maintained his composure, turn around and made the grab, and ran it straight back to the sideline. Textbook.

I would say that Kiffin should put Juice in the game (at receiver, obviously), but the Rebels are currently dominating the Mercer Bears, 66-7 early in the 4th quarter, so there’s no reason to risk injury to Juice in garbage time.

Save him for key moments, when the team needs a little extra dawg in it.

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