Crocodile Violently Thrashes The Life Out Of 8-Foot Python

Alligator fights big python
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I’m not entirely sure where this crocodile versus python battle went down, but all I know is that I never want to go where something like this could happen.

It would actually be helpful to know where this video was recorded in order to actively avoid it, so I’ll have to look more into it.

The geographic location would be good to know, though I’m also confused at what kind the setting this video takes place in too. Is it a zoo? A reptile house? Someone’s side yard?

It could really be any of those, as you’ll see when you see the clip. I’m hoping (for some strange reason) that someone was just washing their dishes at their kitchen sink and thought “what is all that racket outside the window,” then looked out to see this going down.

Some people will say that I shouldn’t get caught up in the semantics of the location of the video and instead dive into the violent fight between the crocodile and the python, and to that I respond with this: you are probably right, and I’m sorry. I’ll now get into the crocodile versus python play-by-play.

From the get go, the massive 8-foot python is at a disadvantage. The crocodile is thrashing and throwing around the big snake with ease, controlling the battle from the very beginning.

It even looks like the python might be trying to slither away but is so badly injured that the croc just does whatever it wants with it.

As I watched the clip (over and over again), I kept waiting for the crocodile to go into a death roll. It never goes to its “signature move,” and instead opts for the “grab and thrash,” which ends up being just as effective.

The python attempts to stretch its head towards the croc every once in a while to strike, but the crocodile violently whips it around time and time again, smacking the snake’s head to the ground.

At one point, the croc even manages to swing around the snake like a Pittsburgh Steelers fan would wave around their “Terrible Towel.”

Even after taking an endless amount of brutal blows, the python still slithers around the crocodile. The croc never goes in for the “kill shot” and bites the snake’s head, instead grabbing about a third of the way down and slamming it around.

Maybe it’s just having fun with the snake and it is a “playing with its food” type of thing? It’s hard to tell, though I still think it is safe to say that the crocodile is in full control of the heavyweight showdown.

Take a look:

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