Wisconsin Bar Will Pay For Your Entire Bar Tab Every Time Aaron Rodgers & The Jets Lose This Season

Aaron Rodgers Jack's Pub
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Seems like Wisconsin might still be taking the Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay Packers breakup pretty hard…

The NFL season is, in my humble opinion, the best time of the year. The matchups, the touchdowns, the fantasy football, the two minute drills, and the seven hours of commercial free football are truly hard to beat.

Fans in Green Bay might still be a little sour about how the Packers and Aaron Rodgers ended things after last season, but a bar in Milwaukee is aiming to make the post-Rodgers era a little bit more enjoyable.

Jack’s American Pub is located just two hours away from Green Bay, but certainly right in the middle of Packers country. They’ve decided to run a little promotion for this year’s NFL season: if Aaron Rodgers and the Jets lose, you win.

Now what does a win look like for bar goers? Well, if the former Green Bay Packers QB and his new team lose, the pub will pick up your bar tab.

It’s really not that complicated, though there are a few stipulations that are important to note:

“The covered tabs must be opened at least 15 minutes before kickoff and don’t include food. The offer only applies if Rodgers is starting and the Jets’ showdown doesn’t coincide with a Packers game, something that’s scheduled to happen only four times this season.

You also have to be present the entire game to cash in that ticket.”

So if you were taking notes up there, you have to get there early to cheer against the Jets, Rodgers has to be starting (and I would assume play most of the game), it can’t overlap with a Packers game (because the bar isn’t gonna miss a Packers game to watch the Jets), and you have to be there for the entire game in order to “cash your ticket.”

I’d say there are going to be some pretty rowdy Packers fans cheering against their former franchise QB in New York. The stakes of the promotion are pretty exciting. Imagine running up a bar tab and then clinging onto your friends in the last two minutes of a game where Rodgers is trying to drive down the field to win the game.

If Aaron closes it out (as he’s done time and time again in his career), you have to pay for the hundreds of dollars of alcohol you ordered. But if the Jets crumble under the pressure of the game, those 15 beers you powered through are on the house.

Jack’s American Pub has managed to create an atmosphere at their establishment that should rival that of an actual NFL game, and with free beer and mixed drinks on the line, the stakes have never been higher.

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A beer bottle on a dock