Morgan Wade Releases Kick*ss Live Performance Video Of “Alanis”

Morgan Wade country music
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Morgan Wade’s vocals are just unreal.

Today, she put out a live performance video of “Alanis,” from her just-released sophomore studio album Psychopath.

The song is a tip of the cap to one of Morgan’s musical heroes Alanis Morissette, and was co-written by Morgan along with Natalie Hemby and her producer Sadler Vaden.

It finds Morgan wondering how Alanis was able to deal with the fame and craziness of the music industry as a young women without always feeling so taken advantage of and lost:

“How did you ever keep your sanity?
Lived out your pain through sweet profanity
Your heart, it was bleeding
When you told all your secrets
And they showed no sympathy
How did you ever keep your sanity?”

This much more raw, stripped-back performance lends so beautifully to Morgan’s insane voice, and it definitely gave me an entirely new appreciation of this song in particular that I don’t think I had the first few times I listened to the studio cut.

Morgan also shared on Instagram the other day that she’s planning to put out fully-acoustic versions of a lot of the songs from Psychopath, even more raw than this video, which I have a feeling will be incredible.

She’s such a fierce performer, and you can tell she believes in every single word she sings, which is also thanks in large part to her brilliantly honest songwriting that you’ll find in abundance on her aforementioned studio record.

Definitely do yourself a favor and check this out and give the new record a spin… I love it more and more with every listen.

“Alanis (Live Performance)”

The studio cut of “Alanis”:

Psychopath tracklist:

1. “Domino”
2. “80’s Movie”
3. “Losers Look Like Me”
4. “Roman Candle”
5. “Guns and Roses”
6. “Alanis”
7. “Phantom Feelings”
8. “Psychopath”
9. “Outrun Me”
10. “Want”
11. “Fall In Love With Me”
12. “Meet Somebody”
13. “27 Club”

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