Luke Bryan Takes A Shot That A Fan Snuck Into His Concert: “This Rode In Next To Your Balls”

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Even as security at concerts gets tighter and tighter, everybody knows there are a million ways to sneak in alcohol and keep from having to pay those outrageous concession stand prices.

Of course, most of them involve putting mini bottles of liquor in places that may not be the most sanitary…

I had a friend who used to sneak in mini bottles for us at football games by using electrical tape wrapped around his upper thigh (admittedly the security at our games wasn’t great). And a lot of people just stick them in their waistband and manage to get them past security and into the arena.

And Luke Bryan is well aware of these tricks – and where that alcohol’s been – but didn’t seem to mind when taking a shot from a fan at a recent concert.

Video shows Luke joking with fans who are offering him their beer, which Luke turns down:

“I’m not drinking your damn gross-a*s hot beer…

Thank you for offering me your COVID beer, I really appreciate that. I mean a f*cking bat pissed in that thing.

I’m not drinking y’alls gross-a*s hot beers, it’s 100 degrees out here.”

But then a fan holds up a (sealed) mini-bottle that catches Luke’s attention:

“Oh I’ll have some of that.”

The fan then throws the shot to Luke, who (impressively) catches it one handed. But then he remembers how that fan got the shot into the concert in the first place:

“This rode in next to your balls.

He then pulls the weird move of…sniffing the bottle before cracking it open.

Dude, you just said it rode in next to some guy’s balls, what are you doing? Trying to get a whiff of his sack?

Either way Luke downs about half the ball shot before capping it and passing it back to its owner.

Gotta admit, his music’s not my style, but Luke has a lot of fun at his concerts, and he’s a funny dude. Gross, but funny.

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock