Hank Williams Jr.’s Nashville Bar Set To Open As Early As This Fall

Hank Williams Jr country music
Hank Williams Jr.

We’ve all screamed the lyrics to “Dinosaur” by Hank Williams Jr. at some point before, as the man himself sang about how his favorite honky tonk had been transformed into a disco dance club.

With that being said, it appears that the song may be finally coming to life, as Hank Jr. officially opening a bar on lower Broadway in Nashville.

It was initially announced back in April, however now, we have a target date for when it will be making its grand opening… and it’s sooner than you think.

According to the Nashville Business Journal, Big Plan Holdings (BPH) is gearing up to open Hank Jr.’s at 419 Broadway, right in between AJ’s Good Time Bar and Ernest Tubb Record Shop, as early as this fall.

The bar itself is going to be named Hank Williams Jr.’s Boogie Bar, based off of the country singer’s smash 1987 hit “Born to Boogie.”

Eric Russell, chief investment officer and principal of BPH Hospitality weighed in on the new opening:

“As someone who’s lived in Nashville for over a decade now, I think we have a good mix of what locals want and what tourists want in terms of opening bars and restaurants across the city.

For us, it’s really about creating an environment where both locals and tourists can come together in the same space and they don’t feel like it’s one versus the other.”

Looks like I have a new spot to checkout the next time I head to Nashville.

Let’s get it going:

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