John Baumann Releases Title Track To Upcoming Album ‘Border Radio’

John Baumann

John Baumann has done it again.

A San Antonio native and Austin resident, Baumann has been a songwriting stalwart on the Texas music scene and beyond for over a decade at this point, and despite all of the incredible work he has to show for it, it’s becoming apparent that he is doing some of his best writing right now.

With his forthcoming record Border Radio set to be released on October 6, Baumann continues to build suspense, and prove why he’s one of the best in the business, with the recent release of the record’s third single and title track, “Border Radio.”

As the title may suggest, “Border Radio” will transport you straight to a Texas border town as Baumann paints a picture of the Southwest Texas landscape featuring the Davis Mountains and the Rio Grande as he tells a nostalgic story surrounding a Spanish song coming through the radio.

With deft lyricism and soothing vocals, Baumann’s latest single is some of his best work yet. He took to Instagram a few days ago upon the single’s release to talk about how the song came to be with co-writer and West Texas legend Charlie Stout.

“The title track of my new record is out now.

Charlie Stout and I wrote this song summer 2021 at a hunting lodge near Brady. Two bartenders watched the whole process and made sure we never ran out of tequila. Kind of a bizarre experience but one that I remember well and produced a song we’re both proud of.

Big tip of the little hat to all the people who made this song come to life in studio. Dwight Baker doing all the things, Sean Giddings musical Jedi, Will van Horn man of steel, JJ Johnson the one and done take-master, Matt Slagle thumpin ne

ver stumpin, Jedd Hughes wonder from down under, Nick Gardner 6 string king. And last but not least Hank Smith, a brilliant painter who simply hit a grand slam on the art.

Thanks to all of y’all. The border radio record in its entirety comes out October 6. Come hear it live.


Without further ado, check out John Baumann’s latest single, “Border Radio,” the title track off of his upcoming record Border Radio.

Baumann, who is also known as an integral part of the four man Texas country music supergroup The Panhandlers, is one of the most well respected songwriters in the scene, and it’s easy to tell why.

If the singles released off of Border Radio thus far are any indication, this album is going to be an awesome showcasing of his lyrical prowess, and that October 6 date can’t come soon enough.

In the meantime, though, check out the Border Radio tracklist below, and keep on spinning these singles.

“Gold El Camino”

“Revving Engines, River Street”

“South Texas Tradition”

“Border Radio”

“My Heart Belongs To You”

“Saturday Night”

“The Night Before the Day of the Dead”

“Turning Gold”

“Boys Town”

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