Video Of A Reindeer Under The Northern Lights Is Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

Reindeer northern lights
Aurora Borealis Observatory

Call it a hoax, a conspiracy, a whatever, I just don’t believe nature can be this beautiful…

I found a video of a reindeer standing majestically underneath a massive and vibrant burst of aurora borealis, the fancy term for Northern Lights, and I just want to roll one up, lay on my back, and watch this celestial green flow until the cows come home.

According to, this phenomenon is caused when particles from the sun slam into earth’s upper atmosphere at around 45 million miles per hour, but our planet’s magnetic field redirects those particles to the poles and causes the light show that makes you question everything about what we perceive is reality.

Reindeer are really just a type of caribou and while some may have the powers of flight, most roam the polar regions of this country in both migratory and sedentary herds. Unlike most other deer species, both females and males can have antlers, and they vary in size, the smallest sub-species being around 150 pounds and the largest topping out over 400 pounds.

While we don’t know exactly where this video was captured, it most likely was in Norway, which consistently has some of the best northern lights and large populations of reindeer, around 70,000-80,000 according to Animalia.

I mean, you’re telling me people in up north are just driving home at night and BAM get hit with the Northern Lights and see reindeer prancing around?

Got to imagine there’s a few accidents every year from distracted driving…

Either way, what an insane sight and just another example that this world is way larger and more magical than we can wrap our heads around.

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