Curious Black Bear Sniffs A Rattlesnake Without A Care In The World

black bear sniffs snake

Bold move, Mr. Bear.

Animals are so funny, sometimes they don’t even realize what they are getting themselves into.

Black bears are notorious for doing that. They are almost too smart and curious for their own good.

They just have to check it all out in case there is food available, and with some of these big boys weighing up to 600 pounds, it takes a lot to feed them.

But that doesn’t mean they should go nose-to-nose with a rattlesnake…

Timber rattlesnakes are just like the rest of them, dangerous. They can grow up to 5 feet in length and are known for their rattle as a warning to intruders before they strike.

But their venom is what is dangerous. It is a neurotoxin, causing the prey to be immobilized so the rattlesnake can either have a meal or get free from the danger.

This black bear either didn’t know, or didn’t care.

This trail camera set up in New York on a rock to capture a rattlesnake hanging out captured something even crazier.

They have a rattlesnake on video when a black bear walks right up into camera view. He takes a sniff of the snake without a care in the world. The bear then realizes that it shouldn’t be up in the snake’s grill and backs off before anything bad happens.

What an encounter and what a rare encounter to catch on camera.

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